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Ikväll kl 21:30-23:00 pågår underhållningsarbete med Qreds hemsida. Det går inte att logga in eller skicka ansökningar under den tiden. Vänligen maila med ditt ärende. Tack! 

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Vi har just nu problem med våra telefoner. Vänligen skicka ett mail till eller chatta med oss här på hemsidan. Vi beklagar detta och arbetar på en lösning.

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Just nu upplever vi tekniska problem med vårt telefonsystem, vi ber om ursäkt för besväret. Har du ett brådskande ärende vänligen maila oss på eller använd chatten!

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Vår tjänst kommer att vara under underhåll 15 dec mellan 05-06.30. Detta kan påverka ansökningsprocessen.

Qred Holding AB (publ) announces intention to redeem its outstanding senior secured callable floating rate bonds


Qred Holding AB (publ), Reg. No. 559031-0685 (the “Company”), has today exercised its option to redeem its outstanding bonds with ISIN SE0017562440 (the “Bonds”) early. Redemption of the Bonds will occur on 30 November 2023 (the “Redemption Date”). The Company will redeem the Bonds at an amount per Bond equal to 104.250 per cent. of the Nominal Amount (together with accrued but unpaid interest on the Bonds up to and including the Redemption Date) in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Bonds (the “Redemption Amount”). The Redemption Amount will be paid to each person who is registered as a bondholder in the debt ledger for the Bonds on 23 November 2023 (the “Record Date”).

The notice of early redemption of the Bonds is attached to this press release.

For further information, please contact:
Andrea Gyllencreutz Romander, Head of Communications and Sustainability
+46 730 92 66 07,

Emil Sunvisson, CEO
+46 708 109 735,

About Qred
Founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Qred is now Sweden’s fastest growing fintech company according to the Financial Times. Qred is the market leader in the Nordic region and has Sweden’s most satisfied customers according to Trustpilot. With operations in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Brazil, Belgium and Norway. Qred has helped more than 25,000 companies. Qred’s fully automated, proprietary credit scoring system allows Qred to quickly and competitively provide business owners with the power they need to grow.


Andrea Romander
Head of Communications & Sustainability
Qred Bank AB
+46 730 926 607


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