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Small business loans made easy

Fast payout
Flexible terms
Easy application
The application is free and you don't commit to anything

Apply in 1 minute

Apply for a small business loan fast and easy. It's free and non-binding.

Offer within the hour

After applying, we'll reach out to you within an hour.

Same-day payout

You can sign your offer with BankID and receive your business loan within the day.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, if your company is old or new, established or a startup - we help them all!

No matter what you need the loan for; working capital or to invest in new material, we are here for you.

Sweden’s most satisfied customers

We could tell you more about our fast processes and personal service. However, we would rather let our happy customers do the talking for us!

Robert , Cafe Owner

"Qred helped me keep what I had when times were tough."

Kenny, The Good Gringo

Kenny, The Good Gringo

“It was fast and not super expensive, which is what I like with Qred. It felt like a fair deal."

Joakim och Erik, Kvalitetsfog

Joakim & Erik, Construction contracters

"Thanks to Qred, we could lease our company car and pay out salaries."

Benefits with Qred

Personal service

Our amazing customer team will be there for you and guide you through every step of the way.

Fixed fee

Each month you pay a fixed fee and an amortisation for your loan. There is no interest or other fees.

No lock-in period

There is no lock-in period for our business loans. If you want to pay the loan back earlier, that is perfectly fine. You will only be charged for the months you keep the loan.

No hidden fees

At Qred, transparency is one of our core values.  There will be no hidden fees or surprises. Business loans should be fair and easy.

Frequently asked questions about our business loans

Who can apply for a business loan?

All limited liability business, partnerships, sole proprietorships / traders, and more can apply and be approved a loan. It can be a proud, old business, or a brand new startup, large or small.

We work with businesses in virtually every industry - even businesses with a checkered credit history can qualify.

We evaluate each business individually - the key for us is that there is a solid business idea and qualified business owners behind the company.

What does it take to qualify for a loan?

We do a comprehensive evaluation of every application. The critical element is your company's ability to handle the loan and manage repayment, and generate enough return on investment to justify your loan - that the loan's size is in proportion to your business.

Sometimes we have to say no to applications, or approve a lower amount than you request.

Will you take a UC on me privately?

No. We use Creditsafe on the applicant and the business, and double-check limited liability companies (Aktiebolag) with UC. This way no other bank or anyone else knows that we've done a credit check on you personally.

This information is very important for us to be able to approve an appropriate offer for your company.

How do I apply for my business loan?

It's easy to apply and takes about 60 seconds, and there's no cost to apply. There are 3 easy steps:Fill in a short form (desired amount, organisation number, e-mail och mobile phone).

Additional information can be sent to improve your offer. During normal work hours you can expect an offer within an hour.You decide if you want to go forward after you get our offer. Upon approval with BankID we will pay out the loan the same day, normally the same day.


We love small businesses. Get in touch and let us know how we can help your company!
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